Blowin' in the Wind 2016-08-23
Blowin’ in the Wind Newsletter – for August 23, 2016
Meeting notes by Gina Gritten, publication by Darryl Swallow
Meeting Summary  
Bert, our SAA today, promised not to tell any "shaggy dog" stories, and then immediately launched into some dog jokes!  Bert also highlighted Canada's great performance at the Rio Summer Olympics, with a total medal count of 22.
Guests:  Ivan Sagovsky, a volunteer at the Book Sale; Declan Gray-Wright, scholarship candidate; Anne Reynolds, Alan's wife; Dr. Arlene King, guest speaker; and Emory Doddall, ADG
Wedding Anniversaries:  Douglas and Pamela Brown, 63 years on August 22; Alan and Anne Reynolds, 43 years on August 25
Rotary Anniversaries:  Van Scoffield, 9 years on August 23; Louis Fortin, 8 years on August 26; Linda Sinclair, 6 years on August 23 
Van announced that Rod McLeod is now a resident of the White Rock Senior Village, and would welcome visits from his fellow Rotarians.
50/50 Draw:  Syed had the right ticket, but drew the wrong card, so the pot continues to grow!
President Raj announced the the August Book Sale, was the best four day sale ever!  Daphne confirmed the final total was $21,006.60!  Congratulations to everyone who helped make this fund-raising event such a huge success.
Alan introduced scholarship candidate, Declan Gray-Wright, a student from Semiahmoo High School, who is entering the University of Victoria's Bachelor of Commerce program.  Declan has donated over 750 hours of community service and achieved recognition in winning the Duke of Edinburgh medals.
Van spoke of the upcoming terry Fox Run on Sunday, September 18th, and announced lawn signs and pledge sheets are now available.
Guest Speaker
Frank introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Arlene King (see attached bio), and her topic Certification of Poliovirus Eradication.
Endgame Plan Objectives 2013-18
1.  Poliovirus detection and interruption.
An acute infection caused by polioviruses types 1, 2, and 3.
Fecal-oral transmission:  enters the body orally, exits through feces.
Spinal cord involvement may result in permanent muscle paralysis (rare outcome of polio infection), even death.
All infected people excrete virus in feces.
Median 20-29 days; depending on sanitation/population density, many others can be infected.
Outcome infection:  most frequent, infection without symptoms, paralytic polio is least frequent outcome.
Global Update - Wild Poliovirus Eradication 1988 - 2014
125 Polio Endemic Countries reduced to 3 Endemic Countries(Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria)
WPV isolates, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 2016
17 cases have been reported, so far, in 2016: 11 from Pakistan and 6 from Afghanistan, compared to 29 reported during the same period of 2015. 
2.  OPV2 withdrawal, IPV introduction, immunization strenghtening
The globally synchronized withdrawal of type2 oral polio is an historical public health achievement.  Known as "The Switch", this was the biggest public health undertaking in the World, and was accomplished in 2 weeks!  Rotary supported the campaigns planned before the switch.
3.  Containment & Global Certification
Certification - Key Considerations
Surveillance - Acute Flaccid Paralysis surveillance in children under 15; more recently, environmental surveillance
Immunization coverage - Routine and Supplementary
Laboratory performance - virus containment
Rapid polio response plan(WPV and VDPV)
Certification - Africa - The Process
Every country has a National Certification Commission
Review of annual country reports/updates
Country verification visits
Regional Commission review of full country documentation - accept, accept with revisions, do not accept
Dr. King then showed pictures of an African RCC Verification Visit to Tanzania - October 12-16,2015.  The team visited the Kiwangwa Dispensary in Bagamoyo.
Africa - Summary
Much progress and ongoing certification of remaining 13 countries in the African Region.
Surveillance gaps at the sub-national level
- late detection and stool adequacy
- stool transportation
- conducting active surveillance
Management of VDPV2 outbreaks post switch
Low population immunity
- low routine immunization performance
- low supplementary immunization activity(SIA) quality
Insecurity challenges and population movement
Lake Chad Area (Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Chad)
- In the last two weeks, 2 cases of wild polio virus have been reported in Nigeria.
- Borno State is an area the size of Belgium, with a population of approximately 4 million people, and is neglected, underdeveloped, and scarcely governed
- 2/3 of Borno not covered by the immunization campaign in October 2015
Boko Haram began insurgency in 2009, this is the area where 279 school girls where kidnapped in 2014
- no one knows what is going on outside of the cities
Ebola outbreak countries:  Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone
Pakistan/Afghanistan Summary
Overall situation significantly improved.
- decrease in number of polio cases, environmental surveillance and reduced genetic diversity
- improved access and supplementary immunization activity(SIA) quality
Better coordination between the two countries at all levels.
Low performing areas well defined and plans are being implemented towards the end of low transmission season.
Major risks:
- Greater Peshawar - Nangarhar
- Quetta Block - Kandahar
- Karachi
- inconsistently reached population pockets due to SIA quality at the sub-district level and inaccessibility in parts of Afghanistan
In summary, Dr. King reminded us that "as long as polio exists anywhere, it is a threat everywhere".  Countries need to ensure that anyone who leaves their borders needs to be immunized.
Today, August 23rd, is the 25th Anniversary of eradicating polio in the Americas Region.  The next challenge is eradicating Measles, with the World Health Organization faced with transferring donations and personnel, from polio to other diseases.

Upcoming Speakers
Date Speaker                 Topic                                                                                              
August 30 Evening social with guests - club fundraiser Ocean Park Pub & Pizza - REMEMBER - no lunch meeting that day
September 6 President Raj & Treasurer Rheanna Club Finances - no guests please
September 13 Dr. Marco Mara - Head of Genome Sciences Cancer research and Terry Fox Run
October 18 District Governor Scott Dudley DG visit
November 1 PDG Jane Helten, 5050 Foundation Chair Rotary Foundation, 100th Anniversary, Million $ Fundraiser
November 8 Remembrance Day Program  
January 24 Dennis Loeppky & Douglas Brown Robbie Burns Day meeting

Upcoming Events
Date Details                                                                                                                                              
August 30 Pub Night Fundraiser - Ocean Park Pizza and Pub
September 16 Wayne Arnold Fun Golf and Social/Dinner - Details, ticket prices etc. to follow
October 22 Save the date - Social Committee Fun event - details to follow.
November 12 District Foundation Dinner - Mt Vernon WA

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