Come along as our club takes a field trip for its August 16th meeting!  We'll be travelling to Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary where we'll learn how bonds between animals and humans help each other overcome trauma.  From the group's website:

"At Kindred Farm, we believe in the transformative powers of the human-animal bond. A bond so powerful it has the potential to heal physical and emotional pain. We know that when humans and animals have the opportunity to be together in a safe place, sharing love and kindness, the healing powers of that special bond occur.

Many studies have been done on the impact of this bond, but that’s not the only reason we believe it. We believe it because we see it for ourselves every day. We watch as children, adults, and animals overcome their trauma, rebuild trust, make friendships, connect with nature and learn how to love themselves, and others, again.

And through this healing, we see the happiness that results. Happiness that spreads well beyond our farm—and out to the world. That’s our impact."
Our meeting time remains 12:00.  More information, including address, will follow shortly.